Fiberdophilus - 100 Tablets

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Fiberdophilus - 100 Tablets

Nutritional Therapeutics Fiberdophilus with NT Factor - 100 Tablets

Nutritional Therapeutics Fiberdophilus with NT Factor was the first product on the market to combine fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics in one tablet. This results in the ability of friendly bacterial growth and life restoring healthy balance in your gastro-intestinal system. Combined with the ability to restore cell damage, Fiberdophilus leads to the best possible solution for your body.

Mixture of fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics
Fiber in an easy and gentle form
Restores gastro-intestinal health
More Information
The key to fiberdophilus is the mixture of Bifido and Lactobacillus Bacterium. L. Bacillus and L. Bifidus aid in the synthesis of nutrients, by creating healthy intestinal flora. L. bacillus and L. bifidus are the predominant organisms in the intestinal flora and establish a healthy environment for the manufacture of the B-complex vitamins and vitamin K.

When you take antibiotics, the "friendly" bacteria in your digestive tract are destroyed along with the harmful bacteria. Supplementing your diet with L. bacillus and L. bifidus helps you maintain healthy intestinal flora. Unhealthy flora can result in the liberation of abnormally high levels of ammonia as protein-containing foods are digested. This irritates the intestinal membranes. In addition, the ammonia is absorbed into the bloodstream and must be detoxified by the liver, or it will cause nausea, a decrease in appetite, vomiting, and other toxic reactions. By promoting the proper digestion of foods, the friendly bacteria also aid in preventing digestive disorders such as constipation and gas, as well as food allergies. If digestion is poor, the activity of intestinal bacteria on undigested food may lead to excessive production of the body chemical histamine, which triggers allergic symptoms.

Yeast infections of the vaginal tract respond very favorably to L. bacillus and L. bifidus. These microorganisms destroy the pathogenic organisms. It improves bowel function by aiding peristalsis, and results in the production of a softer, smoother stool. Harmful bacteria are kept in check, and toxic wastes that have accumulated in the intestines are destroyed and/or eliminated from the body. L. bifidus has proved useful in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver and chronic hepatitis; by improving digestion, it reduces the strain on the liver. Many people who do not respond to L. addophitus react positively to L. bifidus. Many experts consider L. bifidus to be preferable to L. addophilus for use in children and for adults with liver disorders.

Fiberdophilus provides the perfect environment for the growth of L. bifidus. It supplies the L. bifidus with over 4 Billion colony forming units. Given in the form of food and food based extracts, is the easiest and most efficient means of helping absorb both the L. Bifidus, and growth media together. As an additional benefit, it provides you with the scientifically proven Lipid Replacement Therapy. The means to repair, replace and restore cell function damaged by free radicals and reactive oxidative stress. Such damage leads to numerous conditions affecting gastro-intestinal processes. The replacement and restoration of the cell lipids restores and repairs this damage, leading to a healthy environment for friendly gut flora to grow and flourish.

Discover NT Factor

As proven in clinical studies.

How does NT Factor work?
As we get older, we get holes in our cells caused by oxidative stress and other outside forces.  These holes cause us to lose energy, and lead to all the other characteristics associated with aging. The Solution? NT Factor plugs the holes with healthy, unoxidized, phosphoglycolipids.
NT Factor Repairs Damaged Cells
NT Factor’s formula containing phosphoglycolipids moves from tablets in the GI tract to the intestinal cell membranes by the process of Spontaneous Incorporation. NT Factor’s formula reaches every cell and organ in the body and repairs the bio-membrane lipid, by the transfer from cell to cell  of new phospholipids.

NT Factor Spreads to the Body
NT Factor repairs and restores damaged cells over time.

Day 3 - Surveys showed start of fatigue reduction and increased energy
Day 30 - 25% to 30% increase in cell function. Corresponding reduction in fatigue with increase in energy.
Day 60 - Fatigue dramatically reduced, as scientifically measured. Cell function improved 45%.

What Ingredients are in NT Factor?
NT Factor is a nutrient complex extracted and prepared using proprietary processes. It is composed only of food and food components listed as:

Phosphoglycolipids - includes polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine, glycolipids and other polyunsaturated phosphatidyl nutrients.
Bifido and Lactobacillus Bacterium - freeze-dried and microencapsulated in a state of suspended animation with the potential to form healthy microflora colonies.
Growth Media - foods and bacteria growth factors to support microflora colonies including rice bran extract, arginine, beet root fiber, black strap molasses, glycine, para-amino benzoate, leek, pantethine (bifido growth factor), taurine, garlic, calcium borogluconate, potassium citrate, spirulina, bromelain, natural vitamin E, calcium ascorbate, alpha-lipoic acid, oligosaccharides, B-6, niacinamide, riboflavin, inositol, niacin, calcium pantothenate, thiamin, B-12, folic acid, chromium picolinate.
Their Science

The NT Factor’s unique cutting edge Antioxidant Therapy is a powerful Healthy Aging strategy. It is a clinically proven solution to fight fatigue, giving you the energy you had when you were half your age. It does what vitamins can’t do…it repairs damaged cells. Taking creates sustained energy levels – not just a quick jolt like energy drinks or caffeine provide. True, healthy aging energy! NT Factor is considered by many to be a major clinical breakthrough proven by study after study.

Exciting medical research points to the possible common underlying cause to the feeling of fatigue; cell damage. It doesn’t matter whether you are a homemaker, go to work every day, a student, or a weekend warrior. Excessive tiredness can slow you down, and even bring your life to a stop. It turns out that fatigue and aging are both linked to the “powerhouse” of our bodies,  mitochondria – the part of our cells where the air we breathe, and the food we eat are converted into energy. When the mitochondria convert molecules and nutrients into energy, the mitochondria themselves slowly break down, and aren’t repaired. This in turn is why we experience the tiredness, and wear and tear, that is evident in an aging body. NT Factor’s Antioxidant Therapy repairs those damaged cells, restores cell function, and is an overall healthy aging strategy.

Aging is the accumulation of damage, and oxidation done to the membranes of our cells and mitochondria. This is the best, most agreed upon scientific explanation of aging we have. From this damage comes chronic disease and genetic mutations leading to disease.
In clinical trials and pre-clinical experiments, all published in peer reviewed medical journals, has shown the ability to stop and reverse membrane damage. In fact, in a study with elderly people (aver. age 70 years), restored membrane function, measured by mitochondrial function, to levels normal for young  healthy adults in just 8 weeks. All biomembranes are composed of a varying ratio of proteins and phospholipids. It is the phosphoplids that are damaged and change over time (due to free-radical attack & oxidization). Anti-oxidants work to try to slow down this activity by neutralizing free radicals that damage membranes. However, if damage was already done, then traditional anti-oxidants have little ability to repair that damage.

Now, with NT Factor’s Antioxidant Therapy, bad phospholipids in membranes can simply be replaced by vibrant healthy phospholipids in NT Factor. That effectively returns the health of the membranes, in the case of the seventy-year-old study participants, to a level of vitality, integrity and function more than half a lifetime earlier, all leading to a successful healthy aging strategy. A study was conducted on people with moderate and severe fatigue. Within eight weeks, there was a 40% reduction in fatigue, as measured by the Piper Fatigue Scale. The research measured results at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks. The research indicated a loading dose over the first two months, followed by a maintenance dose thereafter. The research used the following dosing: Months 1 and 2: 2 tablets with each meal or 6 tablets per day; Month 3 and beyond: 1 tablet with each meal or 3 tablets per day. Anecdotally, physicians report that many of their patients start feeling the improvement within 2-3 weeks.

It has now been proven in human clinical trials that the nutrient compound will restore lost membrane vitality. In an elderly population, individuals consuming six tablets of NT Factor per day restored their membrane health to levels normal for young healthy adults in just two months. Researchers from the University of California at Irvine, and the Institute for Molecular Medicine, call this achievement “Lipid Replacement Therapy”. Referring to membranes that had been damaged by free radicals, researchers found that using this new technology healthy cell components could simply replace dehydrated and deteriorated membrane. The end result was that in as little as eight weeks, study participants whom had an average age of 70 years, regained membrane activity normal for healthy young adults. Researchers simultaneously evaluated the participants to determine if they had a corresponding relief of fatigue or sense of tiredness. The doctors found that individuals experiencing moderate or severe fatigue at the start of the study, had little or no fatigue at the end of eight weeks.

NT Factor Questions & Answers

What is NT Factor?
NT Factor is a nutrient compound composed of phosphoglycolipids (the highest functioning fats in human body), with pre- and pro-biotics. These phosphoglycolipids are the building blocks of cell membranes, and the pre and pro-biotics work to balance friendly bacteria in your large intestine.

How does it work?
NT Factor works by repairing cellular membrane function, and balancing a healthy microflora. We all have something in our bodies called Phosphoglycolipids that are the building blocks and fabric for healthy cells. Over time those lipids become damaged, and what NT Factor does, is replace those damaged lipids, with healthy undamaged lipids. It also provides the nutrition for restoring healthy bacteria in our gastro-intestinal environment.

Why is NT Factor important to my health?
NT Factor rebuilds and repairs the membranes in your cells, the building blocks of health. In the membranes of your cells and mitochondria is where food, air and water become energy you can use (ATP), where hormones, enzymes and many proteins and fats are synthesized for use in your body. In clinical trials NT Factor returned the health of cells in a 70 year old population to a normal level for healthy young adults (control group had average of 29 yrs) in 8 weeks. No other product they know about can make that claim. They have spent years testing and perfecting this science; 5 clinical trials, more than 2-dozen review papers and 38 million doses consumed to date.

Is NT Factor safe?
NT Factor is made 100% from food extracts. It does not use foods that contain naturally occurring stimulants or hormones. To date approximately 38 million doses of NT Factor have been consumed. In less than 1% of those doses, there have been complaints of an increase in flatulence and/or loose bowels, which is normal due to the pre and pro-biotics in the product. Most of these complaints resolved themselves naturally within the first few weeks of taking the product.

It contains no harmful chemicals, caffeine, stimulants, no additives or preservatives, no sugar, wheat, dairy, nuts, gluten or toxins.

Is NT Factor gluten free?
Yes, NT Factor is gluten and wheat free.

Will NT Factor interfere with any medications?
Generally not, unless the drug instructional insert indicates otherwise. This is required by federal law to be provided in every prescription.

Has NT Factor been tested?
NT Factor has been tested extensively over the last 18 years. It has been studied in 5 peer-reviewed published clinical trials, including double blinded placebo controlled randomized crossover trial design. All trials were supervised by a registered, or university affiliated, IRB (Institutional Review Board). Reviews have been published in more than 12 medical journals.

Should NT Factor be taken with food?
NT Factor products may be taken with or without food. Since NT Factor products contain a wide range of foods and probiotics, all the needed coenzymes and cofactors are either present or created as a metabolite.

Can I take too much of NT Factor?
No, the reason is NT Factor provides two types of nutrition; cell membrane nutrition and gastro-intestinal flora nutrition. As NT Factor increases the saturation of cell membrane it continues to improve the health and function of the membranes. If there is too much at any one time it won’t make it into the membrane matrix, and so, will be shuttled off to provide nutrition such as neurotransmitter aids and short chain fatty acid nutrients. In the gastro intestinal tract the bacteria will simply mature in the large intestine and go through its metabolic life.

Is NT Factor a vitamin?
NT Factor contains small amounts of some vitamins but it should not be considered a vitamin supplement. The small amount it provides is consumed by the friendly bacteria present in the group. NT Factor is a cell rebuilder. They do provide daily vitamins that are included in many products such as  “Propax with NT Factor” and “Propax Gold with NT Factor”. Check them out on their website. One packet a day can give you everything you need to rebuild your cells and feed them with the nutrients they need.

Is NT Factor an antioxidant?
All nutrients except iron are anti-oxidants. NT Factor is a group of nutrients completely extracted from food and does not contain any naturally occurring stimulants or hormones. NT Factor does contain some antioxidants however that is not its method of action to improve the health and vitality of people. It works by providing cell membranes with the building block to restore their own vitality and repair damage done previously by free radicals. (This is not something that anti-oxidants alone can accomplish.) Then it provides the nutrients (pro-and pre-biotics) to restore healthy microflora (healthy bacteria) colonies in the gastro intestinal tract. NT Factor is unique and novel because it can provide the cell membrane nutrients that are documented to match human membrane, and are not oxidized/digested when consumed.

How does NT Factor work in combination with other supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods?
NT Factor will make other nutrients more effective because it is proven to improve membrane potential. That refers to the electrical activity of a membrane and that drives metabolism.

How will it help my fatigue and tiredness?
In five clinical trials it has been proven that will reduce and eliminate fatigue regardless of the person’s age or severity of fatigue. Because it requires no external energy to work it will work regardless of the person’s age or health.

What separates NT Factor from other products that claim to fight fatigue?
NT Factor is the only product proven in clinical trials to reduce and eliminate fatigue. No other product had been proven to provide the same benefit. Some products create the illusion by discussing aspects of the energy producing process, or the oxidation and/or transport of pre-energy compounds, like sugar and/or fats. However, NT Factor is the only supplement to actually be evaluated successfully for fatigue.

How long will it take for me to see and feel benefits from taking it?
Surveys indicate people feel the benefits beginning within three days. Clinical trials show dramatic results continuing throughout two months.

What are the age groups that can benefit from this technology?
Cellular damage has been thought to begin occurring after puberty, so it would be valuable for that age group and older.

What does it mean that it can cut your biological age in half?
The most credible theory of how aging happens is called the ‘Mitochondrial Clock Theory of Aging”. This theory states that the damage done in our bodies to the mitochondria in our cells determines how well, and how long, we can live. In a recent clinical trial, participants who were 70 years old took NT Factor for eight weeks, and at the end of those eight weeks their mitochondrial function (cellular function) was equal to that of a healthy 29 year old. The improvement is sustainable so long as the person continues to use NT Factor, according to the published study. The key measurement was the mitochondrial membrane potential.

How does NT Factor differ from other nutrients that claim to help cellular function?
NT Factor provides the ability to restore lost membrane function. Typically, nutrients can help to mitigate future damage but only NT Factor is proven to be able to restore lost membrane function. An example is that we expect older people to have less energy. In one clinical trial NT Factor products restored the energy producing ability (called mitochondrial function) in elderly people to levels considered normal for young healthy adults.

About Nutritional Therapeutics Inc. (NTI)

At Nutritional Therapeutics Inc. (NTI), their reputation is closely linked to the purity, balance, and integrity of their products.
For nearly three decades, the management team at Nutritional Therapeutics Inc. has been in the business of developing, manufacturing, and distributing both OEM, and proprietary formulations of nutrition supplements for healthcare professional, and consumer markets throughout the world. They produce only natural products with scientifically formulated food ingredients, thereby avoiding additives found in other dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products.

All of their tablet and capsule products make use of NT Factor™, their proprietary tablet technology, which [1] contributes to the nutritional value of their products, [2] serves as a superior bio-delivery system and [3] provides the base for an all-natural and complete food in every tablet and capsule they produce.

They presently manufacture over 100 different product formulas. These are all products that foster good health, and help to manage a variety of different chronic disorders, including allergies, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

To support their product development, they perform continuous research and development, and participate regularly in groundbreaking studies.  This is done with the intent of bringing the most nutritionally complete, and healthful products to their customers.

Fiberdophilus - 100 Tablets


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Fiberdophilus - 100 Tablets
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