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Pure Essence Labs - JointEssence 60 VCaps

Pure Essence Labs Joint Essence combines all three new joint health ingredients that have been shown to outperform others by a wide margin, and also provides a potent group of Superior Herbs to support the underlying balance required for optimal joint health. The result is the most profound, fastest acting joint supplement ever offered.

Physical activity is a vital component of abundant health. Yet, up to 80 million Americans (1 in 4) experience joint pain or stiffness that limits activity. Because of this, joint supplements, like glucosamine and chondroitin are plentiful. However, they don’t always work, and may contain undesirable levels of heavy metals.

Natural Eggshell Membrane
Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) has been shown in studies to provide joint benefits faster than any other joint health supplement. An in vitro study suggests it works by supporting the body’s natural inflammatory processes. It is also thought that its many glycosaminglycans, glycoproteins and fibrous proteins provide building blocks for cartilage.

AprèsFLEX is a new, patent-pending extract of Boswellia. Its absorption into the blood is 52% greater than that of other Boswellia extracts, and it contains 20% AKBA (far more than other Boswellia preparations). It is thought to mediate both pain and inflammation.

Boron may help inhibit enzymes that cause inflammation in joints, arterial walls, etc. and may reduce the prostaglandins that contribute to joint pain or stiffness. Studies show that arthritis is inversely proportionate to boron intake. Less than 1 mg per day correlates to arthritis incidence of 20% to 70%, but if taken in doses of 3-10 mg per day the range is only 0 to 10%. The American diet provides an average of only 1 mg per day.

Polygonum Multiflorum
Polygonum multiflorum has been used for centuries to support the lower back, knees, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It also helps strengthen the Kidney System, the Liver System and the Blood.

Cordyceps is thought to support the entire skeletal structure (particularly the lower back region), the knees, and the ankles. It strengthens the Kidney System and the Lung System. According to Superior herbal discipline, Dong quai, Salvia and White peony root support the Kidney System, the Liver System, and Spleen System and the Blood. They help build strong, vibrant blood, and discourage blood stagnation (chronic inflammation).

JointEssence is one of a kind. It stands alone in combining the three most effective, fast acting direct joint ingredients, and in reinforcing them the holistic wisdom of Superior Herbs to strengthen the body systems whose weaknesses are the real cause of joint challenges in the first place. Because of this it is guaranteed to work more quickly and more completely than any other joint health supplement you have ever used.
About Pure Essence Labs


The Whole Food Revolution
Pure Essence Laboratories, Inc., is the result of over 50 years experience in designing the world's finest dietary supplements. In 1980, Jery Cochern established a small company to distribute the SuperFood known as Spirulina. A few years later, he started a larger firm to offer not only pure Spirulina, but complex formulations that were based in Spirulina, Barley Grass and other SuperFoods. These products were the industry's first Food-Based supplements. Food-Based has stood the test of time because whole food nutrition makes a difference you can actually feel.

Whole food nutrition outperforms isolated nutrients for two reasons. First, whole foods contain nutrients in the exact forms and balance as they exist in nature. This gives cells the raw materials and catalysts they need to function. Second, whole foods are the only way to obtain the phyto-nutrients that protect cells from the damage caused by free radical oxidation, glycation, etc.

The Cellular Concept of Health
Everything our bodies do, they do by converting or producing chemicals in cells. The proteins that form muscles, tendons and ligaments are built in cells. The hormones that regulate stress response, sexual activity, the central nervous system, water retention and so on are built in cells. The conversion of glucose into energy happens in cells.

The factors our immune systems make to fight infection or disease are made in cells. Oxygen reaches the blood from the lungs by traveling in cells. Foods are digested because enzymes and acids are produced, you guessed it, in cells. In short, without living, functioning cells, we could neither walk nor talk, speak nor think, nor so much as bat an eye.

What does all this mean? That health is simply the reflection of how efficiently our cells do their work. And this is determined, in large part, by the nutrients they draw from our foods.
For many years, supplements consisted of vitamins and minerals -- and nothing else. The reason was simple. Research had not yet unlocked the wondrous world of phyto-nutrients.

Phyto-nutrients (also known as phyto-chemicals) are factors that are found only in plants. Plants make them to protect their own cells against molds, yeasts, fungi, germs, viruses, bacteria, and the oxidation caused by free radicals. When we consume them, they protect our cells in the same ways. So far as medical science knows, there is nothing else on earth that can protect cells from damage, maintain efficient cellular function, and protect health.

Dieticians, nutritionists and doctors agree that we should eat more fruits and vegetables because these foods are the most common sources of phyto-nutrients. Science now agrees that children should get at least five cup sized servings each day, adult women should get nine, and adult men should get up to 13. Yet, less than one in 10 Americans get even half of what they need. This creates a phyto-nutrient deficiency that undermines health by limiting every type of cellular function.

Why don't we eat seven to 13 cups of fruits and vegetables each day? Because, it's hard to eat 13 cups of anything, and because fruits and vegetables are not most people's favorite foods.

In the last decade, phyto-nutrients have begun to show up in supplements. But, most supplements provide them only in limited varieties and amounts. Well designed supplements can deliver the amounts and varieties of phyto-nutrients we need to make a major difference in our health. But, to do so, they must include not only a wide variety of fruit and vegetable concentrates, but the world's great SuperFoods and Superior Herbs, as well.

Because of the success of products made by Jery Cochern and Pat Bailey, many companies started using small amounts of true SuperFoods in their supplements. Others began to use common table foods, like spinach and broccoli, and call them SuperFoods.

While there are many wondrous foods that do taste good enough to eat, the term "SuperFoods" is reserved by nutritionists for foods that contain huge levels of completely digestible proteins, and that also provide valuable phyto-nutrient complexes. These foods include Spirulina (over 60% protein) and the juices of young Oat, Wheat and Barley sprouts (about 45% protein).

Pure Essence Labs - JointEssence 60 VCaps

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Pure Essence Labs - JointEssence 60 VCaps
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