Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only 90 Tabs

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Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only 90 Tabs

Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only is designed for those in reasonably good health, who eat at least a reasonably good diet, under the age of 35. Over 10 years ago, they introduced their original One ‘n' Only multiple. While it had slightly higher levels of vitamins and minerals than most other one dailies, its real power was in its whole food/superior herbal base. It contained over 6,000 mg of whole food value per serving – over 20 times more than any other one daily provides. While this product was nearly impossible to improve on, Pure Essence has made a few adjustments that do make it better:Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only 90 TabsAdded Chlorella to the Spirulina: Now, you get both of Nature’s most profound SuperFoods. While these algae are very similar, they have differences that make both together better instead of either one alone. For example, Spirulina is the world’s only vegetarian source of glycogen (pre-made energy that the body can break down into glucose the second it’s needed), and the richest known source of the important antioxidant, phycocyanin. Chlorella is the world’s richest source of chlorophyll. Chlorella also provides whole food Vitamin C (missing in Spirulina).
Increased Vitamin D from 400 IU to 1000 IU: There are literally mountains of research on the countless health benefits of Vitamin D. Progressive nutritionists unanimously recommend increasing the DV on this vitamin from 400 to 1000 IU, with many suggesting that ideal levels for Americans are in the 5000 IU to 10,000 IU range. This is perhaps the most important of all vitamins. Every multiple should provide at least 1000 IU. At last, a one daily dose.
Doubled the Oat grass juice and eliminated the Barley grass juice: While Barley grass juice does not contain gluten, mature barley does. This creates a perception that barley might be inappropriate for gluten sensitive individuals. By making this change, they have eliminated any concerns your customers might have.
As with all of Pure Essence Labs' multiples, One ‘n’ Only also provides a potent blend of Superior Herbs. These are herbs that Traditional Chinese Medicine has used to build health, increase energy and rebalance the body for over 3000 years. In Asia, hundreds of millions of people use these herbs each day. It was after finding these herbs that founder and chief formulator, Jery Cochern, founded Pure Essence.

Jery, as you might recall, developed the industry’s first food based supplements, and was a major figure in introducing Spirulina to Americans. After selling his first company (Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, Inc.) in 1990, he stayed busy with natural cancer research. It was during this period that he discovered an entire system of using these herbs. It was because he saw the amazing, health-building properties of these herbs that he knew he could make a new line of supplements that would be superior to anything that had existed before. No daily health regimen should be without them.

Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only 90 Tabs

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Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only 90 Tabs
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